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Your Lunar Code

Your Lunar Code

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Astrology is the ultimate tool for self-discovery, empowerment and healing – learn to decode your sun signs and moon signs, and reveal the system for the life you desire.

The wisdom of our sun signs flows through every aspect of our lives, from work and relationships to inner power and creative inspiration. The stars offer signposts, messages and guidance to assist us on our life journey. 

Your Lunar Code
 will show you how to decode these cosmic messages and empower you to become the best YOU possible. Drawing on her decades of experience as a world-renowned astrologer, Lori Reid will show you how to:

  • Interpret your sun sign – the positions and soul intentions of the planets and aspects in your chart
  • Recognize your traits, impulses, goals and needs, as well as those of your friends, family and partner
  • Work out your moon sign, and discover the feelings, ideals and fantasies that complete the picture
  • Learn to trust the power of the signs, encoded with the information you need to transform your life. Gain a deeper connection with the lunar code and, ultimately, yourself.
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