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Wood Moon Phase Crystal Grid

Wood Moon Phase Crystal Grid

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12 Inch
To cleanse/charge your crystals in the moon light:

- Clear any stale energy by purifying the crystal with White Sage or Palo Santo. Hold the crystal underneath the smoke for the amount of time that you feel is right for the specific crystal.

- Place the grid in a spot that is not covered by trees or buildings. Try to have as much moonlight hit the grid as possible.

- Set your crystals upon the grid in a meditative state. Clear your mind and take a few deep breaths to help ground yourself and prepare you for ceremony.

- Set some intentions for the ceremony by placing your hands above the grid. State your intention out loud and clear a few times. My favorite is "I show gratitude for this life and the existence of all. I raise the vibration of myself, this crystal and this planet. I attune myself to a higher vibration every single day."

- Again, clear your mind and take some deep breaths. Sit in the moon light for as long as you please, I recommend a 10-30 minute meditation on whatever the moon phase at the time represents. The full moon represents the Mother aspect of us... Nurturing, protection and power. Meditate on love, protection and stability. Meditate on growth and becoming a better you!

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