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The Complete Encyclopedia of Egyptian Deities

The Complete Encyclopedia of Egyptian Deities

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The Only Resource on Egyptian Deities You'll Ever Need

Discover ancient Egypt, how its deities were worshipped, and how people still honor them today with this innovative and extensive encyclopedia. Dr. Tamara L. Siuda presents comprehensive profiles of more than one hundred Egyptian gods, goddesses, demigods, and other divine beings, including:

Amun and Amun-Ra • Anat and Astarte • Antinous • Anubis • Apedemak • Bes • The Four Sons of Horus • Geb • Hapy • Hathor • Heka • Horus • Imhotep • Isis • Khepera • Khnum • Khonsu • Ma’at • Mandulis • Mut • Nefertem • Neith • Nephthys • Nut • Osiris • Ptah • Ra • Sekhmet • Serqet • Set • Sobek • Taweret • Thoth • Wadjet • Wepwawet

Exhaustively researched and featuring modern devotional perspectives that are rarely covered in other works, this premium book provides descriptions and illustrations of famous and lesser-known Netjeru (deities) as well as guest gods from Nubia, Libya, and the Levant who became part of the Egyptian pantheon. Each entry includes a remarkable cache of information, including the deity's personality, forms and symbols, relatives, name in hieroglyphs, festivals, worship areas, and more.

From Bast to Harmachis (the spirit that resides in the Giza Sphinx), this book contains everything you would ever want to know about studying and celebrating Egyptian spirituality. A culmination of Dr. Siuda's lifelong devotion to the Netjeru, The Complete Encyclopedia of Egyptian Deities will be a cherished addition to your library for years to come.

Includes a foreword by Normandi Ellis, author of Awakening Osiris and The Union of Isis and Thoth

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