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My Crystal Journal - Judy Hall

My Crystal Journal - Judy Hall

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Your personal guided journal for working with twenty essential crystals for balance and harmony in everyday life.
Crystals have been used for millennia to heal and bring balance, their stable and unchanging energy pattern helping to provide harmony in our lives.

The Crystal Journal is your personal guide to incorporating the power of crystals into your everyday life. Taking twenty essential crystals, this book will teach you how to work with their unique qualities and characteristics in order to harness their valuable and life-changing energy. The guided journaling space throughout this book will provide you with the chance to truly reflect on how each crystal can work for you, allowing you to use them to their full potential and change your life for enhanced wellbeing and happiness. And with advice on choosing your crystals, how to take care of them, and getting started, this journal is your ultimate guide to working with the healing power of crystals in your everyday life.

This beautiful crystal journal will teach you to work with essential crystals such as:
Black obsidian – for added protection, stress reduction and discovery of your soul purpose
Amethyst – for a sense of calm, spiritual wisdom and guided decision-making
Rose quartz – for friendship, self-love and inner healing
Topaz – for joy, generosity and good health

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