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Dragons - For Beginners

Dragons - For Beginners

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Welcome to Dragon Country!

Here Dragonfire sears the grass and the wind dances with Dragon-song. Here you'll find true Dragons, real flesh-and-blood creatures that are as fiercely alive and majestic as they were thousands of years ago.

Learn about the three true species: Eastern, Western, and Feathered
Explore how Dragons evolved and the various types of pseudo-dragons
Study the science of Dragons: size, diet, temperament, habitat, and more
Discover how Dragons impact religion, art, literature, and occult studies
Find out how to safely interact with Dragons
This essential, comprehensive introduction to Dragons is filled with what everyone must know about these extraordinary creatures. Whether a casual dracophile or a dedicated Dragon keeper, come explore what Dragons have to teach us about the world and our-selves. Discover how, with care and devotion, you can help save them from extinction.

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