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An Angel for Anything

An Angel for Anything

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Any Time. Any Purpose. Angels Can Help—You Only Have to Ask.

Invoke angelic allies for hundreds of goals, from better protection and well-being to greater mindfulness and creativity.

Looking for love? There's an angel who can help. Want to be more successful? There's an angel who knows what to do. Hoping to find your true calling in life? There's an angel who can answer. Bestselling author Richard Webster reveals which angels will best support you and provides the rituals to summon them.

An Angel for Anything makes it easy to look up angels for specific purposes with a detailed appendix and chapters organized into clear topics and subtopics. Even if the subject you're looking for isn't featured, Webster provides guidelines for creating your own summoning ritual.

No matter your skill level or denomination, the angels in this book will help you gain more confidence and happiness every day.

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