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A Sound Bath at Soul and Synergy April 29th 2024

A Sound Bath at Soul and Synergy April 29th 2024

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Sound Bath with Sara Martin and Karen Park

Monday, April 29th 2024

Doors open at 6 pm, event begins at 6:30 pm

Cost $10.00 to attend. 

Borrowing from ancient traditions, a sound bath is a relaxing and meditative experience. Participants are “bathed” in sound waves and frequencies produced by various healing instruments including singing bowls, gongs, percussion, rattles, tuning forks and chimes. The general intention of a sound bath is to create a state of harmony in the listener by using sound to clear discordance from the participants' energy fields. Among the benefits are relaxation, an increased sense of well being, expanded awareness, and access to inner visionary experiences. Most people walk away from the experience describing it as “cleansing” or “clearing” mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sound baths are also frequently referred to as sound massages. During the sound bath, participants lie on their backs, sometimes referred to as the Savasana position in yoga, for the entire experience. Please bring a yoga mat as well as a blanket and pillow, if desired. We have chairs available. The sound bath will begin with a guided meditation. 

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